Protect Your Restaurant.
Protect Your Community.

Stop fake IDs in seconds and take the responsibility off your staff to prevent underage sales.

The Naked Eye can't catch today's fake IDs.


Fake identification is so accurate in appearance that checking IDs using the human eye is no longer effective. The consequences of non-compliance are significant fines or interruptions to your restaurant.


With Intellicheck, you know if the ID is Real.


Intellicheck provides identity verification to restaurants in Texas, ensuring all of their customers are age verified before serving alcohol.


Get results in under a second with 99.9% accuracy – using your current POS system or mobile device.

No special equipment required.

We make ID validation easy.

See It In Action

Why Intellicheck?


We provide 99.9% accuracy—letting you know if the ID is real and giving you certainty you are making the right decision.


Our validation process takes less than a second, so you won't keep your customers waiting.


Our mobile app provides fast results and is trusted by thousands of businesses, including restaurants, and over 60 law enforcement agencies across the U.S..

Protect Your Restaurant Today.

Set up a demo to see how Intellicheck can help your restaurant prevent underage sales. There are no obligations, and you'll qualify for special pricing as a member of the Texas Restaurant Association.

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